Listen Crime Fighting (with Podcast Mike)

Crime Fighting (with Podcast Mike)

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Podcast Mike is thrust into fight or flight mode when he's confronted with a tense situation. He chooses to act and uses all of the limited self-defence skills he can muster. Charlie reveals his own life-and-death situation when a couple tried to rob his local video store with a bloody syringe.

FOFOP, Episode # - Crime Fighting (with Podcast Mike)

Listen Crime Fighting (with Podcast Mike)

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2 Guys 1 Urn: Australia vs India preview (with Howie)

FOFOP Episode #430

If 2 Guys 1 Cup is like TOFOP but AFL then 2 Guys 1 Urn is like FOFOP but cricket. None of that make sense? Don't worry. This is a series about test cricket where Wil Anderson speaks to cricket-loving comedians throughout the World Test Championship and Ashes. First up though, to give us a bit of cred, we're joined by Wil's childhood friend (no shit, they went to school together) and commentator, Mark 'Howie' Howard.