Listen From Liver King To Donut King 👑

From Liver King To Donut King 👑

TOFOP Episode #465

Charlie is joined by producer, Mike III, to relive some of the funniest moments from TOFOP so far this year. This is a high-octane journey through the past six months of this podcast, with stopovers at anecdotes like; reused condoms, cheating ghosts, and the genius of Buckethead. Also, we finally answer some of the biggest questions the duo has wrestled with, including; is it OK to give alcohol to toddlers?, is 'Halloween' a Halloween movie?, and what's the one thing Meatloaf refuses to do for love?

TOFOP, Episode #465 - From Liver King To Donut King 👑

Listen From Liver King To Donut King 👑

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The Biggest Stories In All Of Norway 2: My Father Shot Me

TOFOP Episode #466

Meet Elias Vistven, the guitar-shredding, Norweigan teenager who also happens to be a massive fan of TOFOP. He first wrote in to share the story of the biggest horse in Norway. That sparked ongoing correspondence about the life and times of Elias and his world-dominating extended family. Now, after all these years, and countless emails, Wil and Charlie come to face to face with the young man who has given us so many laughs. And all they ask is one thing: can you make us laugh some more?