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TOFOP Episode #473

After a quick discussion about coughing in public and how about 80% of Australians aren't up to date with their COVID-19 vaccines (remember that thing?), Wil shares a gushing review about his favourite film franchise of all time. Charlie backs it up. He says you could screenshot any part of the film and it analyse how it adds to the story. Somehow this leads to Michael Flatley, sex addiction, and gerbils.

TOFOP, Episode #473 - Gerbiling

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A minibus, baked beans, and sonic: touring with Five (with Levins)

TOFOP Episode #474

Charlie and Wil finally get the chance to pin down Five's official Australian tour DJ and ask all the burning behind-the-scenes questions about the seminal act. Andrew Levins (AKA DJ Levins) has served multiple tours with Five. Hear about why one member only eats baked beans. And the thing Levins said on the first day immediately made them dislike him. Plus: why did Wil Anderson tackle a member of Sister 2 Sister?