Listen TOFOP: Big In Japan

TOFOP: Big In Japan

TOFOP Episode #2 111

Producer Amy threatens to destroy TOFOP as we know it with her terrifying AI creation... However this leads Wil and Charlie to determine what countries should they try take over with the podcast, and some listener letters lead to idiom investigations. Plus, which celebrity was spotted not one, but twice by the TOFOP team?

TOFOP, Episode #2 111 - TOFOP: Big In Japan

Listen TOFOP: Big In Japan

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The Video Store Presents: Silver’s Streak Vol. 4 – Hudson Hawk & The Last Boy Scout

TOFOP Episode #2 114

It's the final episode of the most niche podcast mini-series of all time!! Charlie and Guy are finishing up with a Bruce Willis double-header – Hudson Hawk and The Last Boy Scout. Could ANYONE have directed the bizarre mess that is Hudson Hawk and made it good? Why were so many leading men in Joel Silver films wearing enormous pants? Are mid-budget movies like these dead? All this and more will be answered on the final Silver's Streak!