Listen TOFOP: License To Kill

TOFOP: License To Kill

TOFOP Episode #2 107

Wil starts the episode off "hot and horny", which Charlie is not too hot on... Once that's over, they recap the first of the three live shows at the Basement in Melbourne, and the agent of chaos that is Deeksy. They declare themselves the cockroaches of podcasting, which leads to a brutal takedown of the top 10 Australian podcasts and a call for a change in the rankings. Plus, are cinemas dead?

TOFOP, Episode #2 107 - TOFOP: License To Kill

Listen TOFOP: License To Kill

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The Video Store Presents: Silver’s Streak Vol. 3 – Predator 2 & Ricochet

TOFOP Episode #2 110

On the penultimate episode of Silver's Streak, Charlie and Guy discuss an underrated sequel and a forgotten gem - Predator 2 and Ricochet. They discuss Danny Glover's enormous pants, why Predator is actually a slasher film, and the irresistable charisma of Denzel Washington.