Listen TOFOP: Dudezy

TOFOP: Dudezy

TOFOP Episode #2 34

As promised, Wil and Charlie chat to resident young person Nick the Video Producer and quiz him on his cultural references. The results are both enlightening and frightening. After many listener requests, they check out the AI-generated George Carlin special, and in the process discover the terrifying entity known as 'Dudezy'. Plus, a dip into the mailbag provides a bin night dilemma, some affirmations for Charlie, and the introduction of a new Mike (whose name is, confusingly, not Mike).

TOFOP, Episode #2 34 - TOFOP: Dudezy

Listen TOFOP: Dudezy

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TOFOP With Joey Watson: The Spy Story That’s Stranger Than Fiction

TOFOP Episode #2 37

Charlie sits down with journalist Joey Watson to chat about the podcast Secrets We Keep: Nest of Traitors. Joey has always been obsessed with spy stories, and three years ago, he was pulled into the ultimate spy mystery. During the Cold War, the Australian spy agency ASIO was infiltrated by a Soviet mole. For decades the mole's identity was buried and the damage they caused unknown. To uncover the truth, Joey sets out to find the mole. It’s a story about power, national secrets and how countries behave when they think no-one is watching.  Joey and Charlie talk about the investigation, why we're still so interested in spy stories, how people are convinced to become moles, and conspiracy vs incompetence.