Listen TOFOP: Normal Sized Backpack

TOFOP: Normal Sized Backpack

TOFOP Episode #2 83

Wil has reverse Memento disease and it's really getting to Charlie... But nevertheless, they persist, and try Arnott's newest snack mashup. Between bites they debate cinema snack etiquette, and whether Charlie was taking the piss with the size of his backpack. Plus, a dive into the mailbag reveals a potential TOFOP time traveller!

TOFOP, Episode #2 83 - TOFOP: Normal Sized Backpack

Listen TOFOP: Normal Sized Backpack

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The Unexplained: Explained – Return to Humpty Doo with Paul Cropper

TOFOP Episode #2 86

The North Eastern Australian Paranormal Society (NEAPS) are opening up an old case file – The Humpty Doo Poltergeist – this time with insider info! Journalist Paul Cropper has literally written the book on Humpty Doo, and chats to Charlie and Ben about encountering the stone-throwing spook, alternate theories, and whether the story would've been different if it had happened in the internet age. You don't have to believe, but you do need to listen.