Listen TOFOP: The Fiddle Toad

TOFOP: The Fiddle Toad

TOFOP Episode #2 30

Wil and Charlie are wondering if they should rebrand as a pop music podcast after a lengthy chat about Robbie Williams, Take That, One Direction, Guy Sebastian, and The Spice Girls. Mike III keeps forgetting to mute things, and a dive into the mailbag sparks a unique TOFOP merch idea...

TOFOP, Episode #2 30 - TOFOP: The Fiddle Toad

Listen TOFOP: The Fiddle Toad

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TOFOP With Sammy Peterson: Being Terrible is Around Every Corner

TOFOP Episode #2 33

Sammy P is back, and so are technical difficulties - how very 2020! Wil and Sammy have a big chat about the process of coming back to stand-up, how getting older can change your material, the idea of "comedian destroys heckler", getting perspective from other comedians and much, much, more!