Listen TOFOP: Toilet Town

TOFOP: Toilet Town

TOFOP Episode #2 103

This week, Charlie got himself into a dilemma involving who got bags and who didn't, but it's not what you think! Wil and Charlie have a brilliant spin-off idea for George Miller to do with a resource that hasn't been mentioned in the Mad Max world. Surveys indicate most men think they could land a plane if asked, but what about Wil and Charlie? Plus, a listener letter provides what may be the new tagline for TOFOP after 14 years...

TOFOP, Episode #2 103 - TOFOP: Toilet Town

Listen TOFOP: Toilet Town

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The Video Store Presents: Silver’s Streak Vol. 2 – The Adventures of Ford Fairlaine & Die Hard 2

TOFOP Episode #2 106

On this instalment of Silver's Streak it's two films from the same director and very different vibes - Die Hard 2 and The Adventures of Ford Fairlane. The former, a hugely successful follow-up to an 80s classic whose main actor is shooting to stardom. The latter, a commercial and critical failure starring a controversial comedian banned from SNL. Charlie and Guy chat about comedians as action stars, the key to a John McClane one-liner, and why Renny Harlin didn't achieve the same heights as other action directors.