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1095 Days Later

FOFOP Episode #39

Wil is joined by "Guest Charlie Number One" Dave Anthony to celebrate the 3-year anniversary of the first TOFOP, talk about how on Playboy radio people only listen for the articles, give the FOFOP drinking game a gritty reboot, and explain why Batman didn't get invited to Superman's birthday party... includes special cameo from Comedy Film Nerds' Graham Elwood.

FOFOP, Episode #39 - 1095 Days Later

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The Vaughn Identity

FOFOP Episode #40

Wil is joined by "Guest Charlie" Baron Vaughn to talk about his crush on Xena (the Warrior Princess), why there are no black people in Lord Of The Rings, and the alternative to alternative comedy. With an unexpected special guest cameo from Kurt Braunohler.