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35% Rosemary

FOFOP Episode #170

Wil is joined by Dave Anthony and Matt Kirshen to discuss Fizzy Foods, Briticise, Young Oswald, Norton Steals A Who, Metaphorical Christmas, A Lot Of Prejudice, The Elf On The Shelf, Bee-Do, Mourning Glory, Matt On A Mat and try to think of a Superior Comedy Sequel.

FOFOP, Episode #170 - 35% Rosemary

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FOFOP Episode #171

Wil and Dave Anthony discuss Davesnyland, Felicityalater, Drew Carey's Go F**k Yourself, 27 Likes, Fictional Dave, You're Not Going To Like Him When He's Brucey and do a FOFOP-themed end-of-year Q and A.