Listen Backman Begins

Backman Begins

FOFOP Episode #2

Wil and "Guest-Charlie" Justin Hamilton talk about why Justin is enemy Number 1 of printers, why Wil will never be a guest on Celebrity Masterchef, and how the best chiropractic care can be found underground.

FOFOP, Episode #2 - Backman Begins

Listen Backman Begins

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Get At It Eggheads

FOFOP Episode #3

Wil is joined by "Guest Charlie" (and star of The Office, Arrested Development, 1600 Penn and Walking The Room) Dave Anthony, to discuss how Wil's plan to be a nicer person is being thwarted by stupid people, how Dave shouldn't be trusted with a gun (or Twitter), and how everything is probably Rupert Murdoch's fault.