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Black Thunderbelly


In 2008 while working on the Wil and Lehmo show on Triple M, Sam Mac and I wrote a sketch that was a parody of the TV show Underbelly and Triple M. It was meant to go for less than two minutes, it turned into this. Have a listen before the lawyers make me take it down: This is Black Thunderbelly.

FOFOP, Episode #FONUS - Black Thunderbelly

Listen Black Thunderbelly

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Pouffe In A Box

FOFOP Episode #78

Wil is joined by Dave Anthony on the roof of Wil's new apartment to discuss homemade furniture, the darkside of Black Friday, Beatles spoilers, the sweet sounds of LA at night, the Angel Of The Gap, how baggage fees will lead to The Purge and the perfect place to sit at the movies.