Listen Do You Want To Party?

Do You Want To Party?

FOFOP Episode #115

Wil is joined by Jen Kirkman to discuss putting the tea in t-bagging, sound-sleepers, Promature ejaculation, buffalo-free Buffalo, stripper-free strip-clubs, awkward elevator conversations and accidental racism.

FOFOP, Episode #115 - Do You Want To Party?

Listen Do You Want To Party?

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T-Bagger Justin Hobson continues his gritty reboot of the early days of TOFOP. This is the "Best Of" episodes 71-80 and may contain bad toothpaste choices, Wil porn parodies, sexy wombats, batches of Cumberbatch, Batman fan fiction, World's Worst Lawyer, dance battles, Death Of Superpod, arsesassinations and horrible hypotheticals.