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Leon The Unprofessional

FOFOP Episode #168

Wil is joined by John McKeever to discuss Chicken Wing Hack, Not-Norm-Al McDonald, A Cry For Yelp, Whites Should All Get Killed, Jessica Chastayawayfromthismovie and Tom Waiting For Guff-man.

FOFOP, Episode #168 - Leon The Unprofessional

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Bum Ba Bum Ba Bum Bum Bum

FOFOP Episode #169

Wil is joined by Gareth Reynolds to discuss The Comedy Of Payton Manning, America Going To Pot, We Are Big Pharma, Survivor: Family v Fish, Neck Pillow Club, The Philosophy Of Jayden Smith, Being Gary Reynolds and explore the Real World Of Gary Gary Binks.