Listen Navarro Ending Story

Navarro Ending Story

FOFOP Episode #122

Wil and Jen Kirkman discuss the mysteries of The Spread Group, Suicide Girls vs Pseudonym Girls, putting your pens down, Stalking Dave Navarro, the therouxs of passion, the secret behind The Secret and talk Tinder Guys With Tigers.

FOFOP, Episode #122 - Navarro Ending Story

Listen Navarro Ending Story

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We Boned A Zoo

FOFOP Episode #123

Wil is joined by Dave Anthony to discuss border insecurity, becoming a Super-man, showbiz and other schemes, the tour dates for the World's Coolest Accountant, Crackcasting, Hail To The Beef, a Groundhog Day gritty reboot and how America might not be very good at war.