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Perseverance Prevails

FOFOP Episode #189

Wil and Dave anthony discuss why you Can't Beet A Root, Skippy The Farting Kangaroo, The Bucket Of Success, The Love Coincidence, Way Too Excited For First Class, Quokkomedy, Batman versus Stupidman and answer the question: Do Penguins Have Knees?

FOFOP, Episode #189 - Perseverance Prevails

Listen Perseverance Prevails

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FOFOP Episode #190

Wil and Dave Anthony discuss the Half-Time Dog Show, Sending Your Kidd To Collage, Patty Mills: Not Irish, Texas Takeover, Grumpy Dad For President, LA Traffic Fines, Farmers Only Sex Ring Dot Com, and LeBron's Panic Room.