Listen Who Runs The Fish?

Who Runs The Fish?

FOFOP Episode #161

Wil and Dave Anthony discuss how Halloween is The Purge for Kids, Ron Jeremy's Super Mario, Slothman Begins, Phofop, reveal The Secrets Of Isis, pour cold water on Aquaman and reflect on why messy things should not have neat endings.

FOFOP, Episode #161 - Who Runs The Fish?

Listen Who Runs The Fish?

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Gary Side

FOFOP Episode #162

Wil and Andy Peters discuss Homemade Pie Charts, Don't You Know Who I Tram?, Suicide Machine, Spacebucks, Fantasy Comedy League, Previously On Andy Peters, That's My Time, You're Welcome Hollywood/Silicon Valley, Adam Sandler's Little League and why life is both Cobblicated and Yahoo Serious.