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Baby Got Back

TOFOP Episode #498

Beck, Taylor Hawkins, and Sir Paul McCartney walk into a bar — or do they? Charlie rants about a YouTube channel called Drumeo where drummers are given songs without drums and asked to figure out a drum part after two listens. Wil tries to find a parallel between drummers and comedians but in a rare twist, Charlie smacks his theory down. Is this the beginning of a changing hierarchy in the TOFOP Universe? Probably not.

TOFOP, Episode #498 - Baby Got Back

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Jackie Kashian

TOFOP Episode #310

Wil describes Jackie Kashian as one of his favourite comedians and after listening to this episode, you'll know why. Jackie's reveals some of her life lessons, including what it meant to come from a family of sales people. Her down-to-earth honesty is as refreshing as it is funny. Be sure to check our her podcast, The Dork Forest and look out for her Australian tour in 2024.