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Basketball Helmet

TOFOP Episode #471

Wil and Charlie investigate a TV series about Batman's butler, which is unintuitively titled, 'Pennyworth'. After they both agree it sounds horrible, Charlie attempts to share footage of his run-in with an old enemy. This leads to an extended hypothetical about what Wil would do if he obtained footage of Charlie dying. And then a more practical idea; how Charlie's disappearance could be effectively monetised.

TOFOP, Episode #471 - Basketball Helmet

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Charlie’s Stitch Up (with Urzila Carlson)

TOFOP Episode #472

Why kiwis (the bird) trigger Charlie, the time he got the flop sweats (at the worst possible time), and how he was royally stitched up while filming an episode of Getaway (it's a juicy one!). All that and more when Charlie joins Urzila Carlson on her podcast, That's Enough Already.