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TOFOP Episode #463

It was their own fault. Mentioning the term 'death on a dick' proved too irresistible for show artist and legend, James Fosdike (AKA Foz) to draw. Enter Charlie 'censorship' Clausen. He's worried potential sponsors won't like an illustration of a giant, detailed penis. This episode documents the fallout of what happened next. Deals are done, and the transcript of a WhatsApp message thread is read aloud. In the end, it's what wasn't said, and who didn't say it that threatens the future of Australia's number one podcast for medical practitioners. To see the full UNCENSORED artwork for Death On A Dick, join our Patreon! 

TOFOP, Episode #463 - Censoring Foz

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The Biggest Stories In All Of Norway 1: The Horse Who Lived

TOFOP Episode #464

PART ONE: The Horse Who Lived. All August, Wil and Charlie are taking you to Norway to experience the wild world of teenage punk, Elias Vistven. When it comes to outrageous Norwegian stories, it turns out giant waterslides and human slingshots are the tip of the iceberg. Before we hear from Elias himself, Wil and Charlie recap the incredible story so far that began several years ago with an email and a gigantic horse.