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Death On A Dick

TOFOP Episode #460

Wil's blinding, light-filled home leads to an discussion about Manfred Mann and his (sometimes) Earth ban, as well as the many meanings of the word "deuce". A run-in at the public laundrette has Charlie questioning washer/dryer etiquette and the Netflix WHAM! documentary is reminder on just how good George Michael was.

TOFOP, Episode #460 - Death On A Dick

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Colin From Logies (with Patrick Brammall and Harriet Dyer)

TOFOP Episode #461

ENCORE: Patrick Brammall and Harriet Dyer have just won three f*cking Logies for their hilarious series, Colin From Accounts (Binge). Charlie caught up with the pair in December 2022, just as the show was premiering and the couple were making their way back to Australia for the holidays. To celebrate the win, we thought we'd revisit this episode (originally published to the FOFOP feed) where they run through some of the details about the making of Colin From Accounts.