Listen I Know What A Bidet Is

I Know What A Bidet Is

TOFOP Episode #456

In 2010 on this podcast, Charlie asked Wil what a bidet is — 13 years later he assures us knows but we can't be sure. Both hosts venture to the cinema. Charlie shares his take on the new Flash, which includes cameo appearances by stars from decades past. One of these is Gal Gadot. Both Wil and Charlie can't seem to get over the cringe 'Imagine' video she made at the start of the pandemic. They then acknowledge the irony of canceling Gal for a well-intentioned (albeit ill-informed) social video when the star of the Flash is buried in controversy.

TOFOP, Episode #456 - I Know What A Bidet Is

Listen I Know What A Bidet Is

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2 Guys 1 Urn: The Super Team (with Peter Helliar)

TOFOP Episode #457

AUSTRALIAN MEN'S CRICKET SELECTORS, TAKE NOTE! Peter Helliar and Wil Anderson have cracked the code that will unlock Australia's ultimate test team and bring home the Ashes. Warner is out, 'the big show' is in, and more. Pete was actually at the Lord's test — he shares what it was like to be amongst it and why he hangs on every ball. Old Trafford is next — will Australia seal the deal? Will it go down to the wire in the fifth? Will it rain and be a washout? Only time (and hopefully Glen Maxwell) will tell.