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Squashin’ Beef

TOFOP Episode #4

Wil explains his formula for purchasing clothes and why the drawstring of a pair of shorts is so crucial. Charlie asks if there's finally a change coming to the Washington DC universe. The pair critique The Rock's recent performance as a guest on Joe Rogan and brainstorm ways he could revive his flailing reputation. The answer? Nothing.

TOFOP, Episode #4 - Squashin’ Beef

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The Great Urinal Mystery

TOFOP Episode #

Wil and Charlie record a rare episode in the same room. The pair attempt to answer; which Nirvana album is better? What would Kurt Cobain be doing if he was here now? And why did Matthew Perry attack Keanu Reeves? Also, Charlie finds a clump of pubic hair in a public bathroom — how did it get there? Wil’s been reading a whodunit and thinks that might make him more qualified to investigate.