Listen The IRA vs The Mafia

The IRA vs The Mafia

TOFOP Episode #408

Everybody Attica! Attica! After Wil reviews 90210's episode titled 'The Leprechaun' (1999), Charlie reveals how much money his multi-charging station went for on Gumtree. And a mystery involving a woman who claims to have a sister — but was it a lie and she was just trying to get out of a conversation at an over-30s nightclub?

TOFOP, Episode #408 - The IRA vs The Mafia

Listen The IRA vs The Mafia

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Two Heads Are Better Than One

TOFOP Episode #409

Hilarity ensues when two old mates get together to talk about the quirks of life (and other nonsense) on TOFOP. It really is the podcast that proves laughter is the best medicine (except for the actual medicine).