Listen The Unexplained: Explained – Yowie

The Unexplained: Explained – Yowie

TOFOP Episode #486

The second meeting of NEAPS (North East Australian Paranormal Society) is called into session as Ben and Charlie turn their attention to Australia's version of Bigfoot, the Yowie. The discussion leads to a wider discussion around cryptozoology and whether the idea of a giant, hairy gorilla living in the woods is even that interesting. Charlie then tells Ben about Yowie sighting that occurred in Queensland in the late '70s, involving a future politician and school cover up. Listener Emily returns to the show to talk about the ghost she saw at her parents home. 

TOFOP, Episode #486 - The Unexplained: Explained – Yowie

Listen The Unexplained: Explained – Yowie

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The Hermit

TOFOP Episode #487

This episode is dedicated to our Patreon supporter, Matt. Matt has written in multiple times over the years, but for various reasons, Charlie and Wil have never responded. In this episode, we make it up to Matt and devote the entire episode to various questions/comments he's made throughout his TOFOP experience. Thanks for listening Matt and we hope this ep makes it up to you.