Listen TOFOP: Big Jug Of Piss

TOFOP: Big Jug Of Piss

TOFOP Episode #2 87

Charlie is back at it again with his Mr Bean-like life stories and this time it involves a Piss Jug. Wil questions the credibility of the procedure involved and they also share some niche celebrity encounters. Plus, a dive into the mailbag leads to a public holiday pitch that would cause chaos at 3AW, interpretations of the deeper meaning of a listener's dream, and more impressions of your favourite Aussie actor...

TOFOP, Episode #2 87 - TOFOP: Big Jug Of Piss

Listen TOFOP: Big Jug Of Piss

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The Unexplained: Explained – The Kelly Cahill Abduction with This Paranormal Life

TOFOP Episode #

The final meeting of NEAPS (for now) calls for a very special case, and some very special guests! The fellas over at This Paranormal Life drop in to learn all about Kelly Cahill's apparent abduction by aliens in 1980s Gippsland. Charlie, Ben, Rory, and Kit chat about why you don't see crop circles in Australia, the early-internet character the aliens resemble, and what Aussie MIB agents would be like. You don't have to believe, but you do need to listen.