Listen TOFOP: Check Out My Hook

TOFOP: Check Out My Hook

TOFOP Episode #2 58

Charlie's been on the road a bit and he's got an airport story for Wil – but first they need to re-hash the definition of an Eshay... This leads them down a rabbithole about whether or not people still steal stuff. Plus, why are people from Byron so aggressive on Facebook? Aren't they meant to be relaxed?? And how can Charlie strike a balance between looking smart and not being pretentious at the art gallery? 

TOFOP, Episode #2 58 - TOFOP: Check Out My Hook

Listen TOFOP: Check Out My Hook

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TOFOP with Michael Chamberlin: Wrestlemania 40

TOFOP Episode #2 61

The day Charlie has hoped for has finally years - an excuse to do an entire episode on professional wrestling. The Rock's return to the WWE has turbo-charged wrestling back into the mainstream and Wrestlemania (aka "the showcase of the immortals") took place this weekend in Philadelphia. Comedian Michael Chamberlin joins Charlie to discuss all the major talking points, as well as the suspension of disbelief required to enjoy what is ultimately a ridiculous form of entertainment.