Listen TOFOP: Crying

TOFOP: Crying

TOFOP Episode #2 42

Charlie is obsessed with Muji but immediately screws up any chance at a sponsorship. Wil asks what happened to chequebooks, and did anyone ever know what 'balancing your chequebook' meant? Somehow a conversation about Charlie's recent Thailand trip ends as a discussion on legalising ALL drugs. Wil and Charlie can't agree on what Amy's pod nickname should be, and we hear the other side of a recent TOFOP mailbag story...

TOFOP, Episode #2 42 - TOFOP: Crying

Listen TOFOP: Crying

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TOFOP With Laurie Kilmartin: Cis Woke Grief Slut

TOFOP Episode #2 45

The incredible Laurie Kilmartin is back, and she's ready for the end of the world! Wil chats to Laurie about she found herself in the middle of a culture war, being left in the lurch by the 'free speech for comedians' crowd, and how she feels about live shows vs filmed shows.