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TOFOP Episode #2 78

Wil starts off the episode by almost hitting Charlie in the face, but they manage to set aside their differences to plan the ultimate conspiracy documentary. Plus, who's the new addition to the Clausen family? Were Wil and Charlie given too much freedom as kids? Which celeb podcaster would be best to interview as two men in a trenchcoat? And why does Australia love Nana Mouskouri so much??

TOFOP, Episode #2 78 - TOFOP: Nana

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The Unexplained: Explained – Spontaneous Human Combustion

TOFOP Episode #2 82

Welcome back to another session of the North East Australian Paranormal Society (NEAPS). This week, Charlie and Ben are looking into a phenomenon that has fascinated them both since childhood - Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC). Why were we allowed to see graphic images of charred limbs as kids? Why are so many possible SHC cases in Ireland? Will Charlie and Ben ever recover from finding out what The Wick Effect is? You don't have to believe, but you do need to listen.