Listen TOFOP: Stunt Eating

TOFOP: Stunt Eating

TOFOP Episode #2 99

Wil and Charlie talk more about Furiosa, but not before they get onto some important tangents! Why are people so angry about a TikTok account called purplepingers? Why Americans so obsessed with stunt eating? Is it mandatory for male actors to get ripped for every role??

TOFOP, Episode #2 99 - TOFOP: Stunt Eating

Listen TOFOP: Stunt Eating

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The Video Store Presents: Silver’s Streak Vol. 1 – Lethal Weapon 2 & Roadhouse

TOFOP Episode #2 102

The Video Store is back, and this time it's personal... Charlie and Guy Davis are here to break down the filmography of American producer Joel Silver. A man often parodied, and blacklisted from multiple production houses, he also produced some of the most iconic films of the 80s and 90s. In the first episode of Silver's Streak, Charlie and Guy are starting things off with a bang with Lethal Weapon 2, and Roadhouse!