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Wilosophy Episode #307

Anne Edmonds reflects on finding comedy in her 30s, becoming a mum in her 40s, and how reveling in failure has shaped her worldview. Anne joins Wil fresh off the back of her first theatre ['Bloom' by Tom Gleisner] — she talks about the differences between that medium and stand-up and why she felt embarrassed rehearsing to nobody. 

Wilosophy, Episode #307 - Anne Edmonds

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$300 Degustation Experience (with Justin Hamilton)

Wilosophy Episode #492

It's a Hammo-fop — film, TV, and culture with writer and comedian, Justin Hamilton. Where does Oppenheimer fit into the Christopher Nolan canon? What should Barbie teach us? Also — if there was a series made about an Australian sporting era, which code/team would you pick, if any?