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Cameron James

Wilosophy Episode #286

Cameron James is a comedian who by his own admission, has tried everything in comedy. He talks about growing up in Newcastle, taking his time to accept atheism and how his songs he wrote as a teenager became the foundation of his new show.

Wilosophy, Episode #286 - Cameron James

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James Colley

Wilosophy Episode #287

Wil is joined by longtime collaborator and writer behind some of Australia's favourite TV shows including, The Weekly with Charlie Pickering, Gruen, and Question Everything. James Colley explains how he walked the narrow path between psychics and Australian Literature to find himself in comedy. As well as his passion for the Penrith Panthers, you'll hear about his transition from standup to TV comedy, why his approach to work involves rest, and how he got through making comedy during the pandemic. Keep an eye out for James' novel, 'The Next Big Thing' out summer 23/24.