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Christiaan Van Vuuren

Wilosophy Episode #257

Getting Wilosophical with Christiaan Van Vuuren. Christiaan Van Vuuren is an actor, writer and director from Sydney who is known for his web series "Bondi Hipsters." His new miniseries, "Big Deal," sees him investigate Australia's political donation system and how it influences democracy.

Wilosophy, Episode #257 - Christiaan Van Vuuren

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Tosh Greenslade

Wilosophy Episode #259

Getting Wilosophical with Tosh Greenslade. Tosh Greenslade is an Australian actor and author best known for his work on Shaun Micallef's 'Mad as Hell.' In 2020, he published a satirical comedy book, 'The Scomo Diaries.'