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Guy Williams

Wilosophy Episode #280

Guy explains why all of his comedy heroes have let him down and the 'tension' that comes from loving Louis CK's comedy but also leading a petition for him not to tour New Zealand. As the conversation digs into cancel culture, Wil reveals a joke from his latest stand-up show he's been mulling over — instead of helping, Guy explains why the joke could be even more problematic than Wil first thought.

Wilosophy, Episode #280 - Guy Williams

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Gabbi Bolt

Wilosophy Episode #281

Gabbi Bolt might have come onto our radar while online during the pandemic but she's so much more than a Tik Tok comedian. In this chat, she shares her dream for a more inclusive comedy scene, what it was like backing it up after a hit live show in 2022, and how she helped raise $2 million for the production of Ratatouille the musical.