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Laura Davis

Wilosophy Episode #302

"Make decisions if they feel right, even if they don't feel easy” Globetrotting comedian, Laura Davis shares ideas about life’s most existential questions, including money, the outdoors, and giving up. Hear how Davis turned her experience of being trapped in New Zealand into an identity-defining moment, why she was disappointed when her audience didn’t walk out of a show, and the skill she wishes she had.

Wilosophy, Episode #302 - Laura Davis

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Mel Buttle

Wilosophy Episode #303

Mel Buttle is the Powderfinger of Australian comedians. She joins Wil to share how she manages her relatable mum character 'Lynn' and how the personal turned out to be universal. Also: the worst advice Mel's ever been given, becoming a mum, and the game-changing advice from friend and fellow comedian, Josh Thomas.