Listen Nick Cody – Always Have a Crack

Nick Cody – Always Have a Crack

Wilosophy Episode #2 43

"Always have a crack". Nick Cody always has a go. But, like most people, it took him a while to figure out what was really important and what he could let through to the keeper. In this episode he talks about taking a break from alcohol, his first stand up routine at a school assembly, and the importance of family when the chips are down.

Wilosophy, Episode #2 43 - Nick Cody – Always Have a Crack

Listen Nick Cody – Always Have a Crack

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WILOSOPHY: Mary Coustas – Nothing Good Comes From Giving Up

Wilosophy Episode #2 47

"Nothing good comes from giving up" Known best for her vivacious character Effie, Mary Coustas has had a long and hugely influential career on-stage, on our screens, and as a writer – and she's still got big plans ahead! Mary chats with Wil about getting a PhD in herself, the moment she knew that Effie was going to be something big, and the only place in society we can still act like animals.