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Scout Boxall

Wilosophy Episode #298

Scout Boxall is a stand up comedian who completely restarted their life after soul searching and trying to find out who they were. In 2018, Scout made it to the finals of RAW Comedy and in 2019, they won Best Emerging Artist at the Melbourne Fringe Festival with their show, 'Good Egg.' Scout chats about changing their life, graduating from clown school, and their approach to stand up comedy, as well as their hot takes on LARPing.

Wilosophy, Episode #298 - Scout Boxall

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Alexei Toliopoulos

Wilosophy Episode #299

Alexei Toliopoulos is obsessed with movies, loves documentaries and is the creator of hit podcast series such as Finding Drago, Finding Desperado and web-series Finding Yeezus. With Wil, he explains why he believes film is so important to culture, his philosophy behind having a positive outlook, and how he continues to connect with his mother and yiayia through Greek food.