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Batsman And Robbins

FOFOP Episode #72

Wil is joined by Justin Hamilton to pitch their new movie Being Glenn Maxwell Robbins, debate the worst date to celebrate your birthday, discuss how some men just want to see the printers smash, pitch The Purge 2: Even Purgier and get a little serious about loss.

FOFOP, Episode #72 - Batsman And Robbins

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T-Bagger Justin Hobson has been doing a gritty reboot of the early episodes of TOFOP. This is the "best-of" episodes 11-20 and may contain time-travel, Adam Sandler reboots, horny ghosts, Qantas Club fires, rollercoasters to Heaven, Kathy Bates, the Human Internet, Doctor Who and a lot of Segways. Enjoy.