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Bingo Tattoo Flapjack

FOFOP Episode #191

Wil and Graham discuss Graham Of Thrones, Rad Max: Fury Road, Johnny Derps Dogs, Colin vs Colon, Must Hate Dogs, Black In Black, World's Worst Avengers, Wil and Wal Mart and Air Buds: The Podcasting Dogumentary.

FOFOP, Episode #191 - Bingo Tattoo Flapjack

Listen Bingo Tattoo Flapjack

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And ALFeel Fine

FOFOP Episode #192

Wil and Jen Kirkman discuss Australia: 95% Bogan, Mellow Yellow, Crocodile Jendee, Assention Millenium, Corey's Angels and discover the Dark Side Of ALF.