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Mirren Gosling Poppins

FOFOP Episode #76

Wil is joined by Justin Hamilton to discuss the day the podcasts nearly died, the day Wil joined Alcoholics EggNogymous, Justin's lego-cy, Classic Robin Williams and a gritty reboot of Mary Poppins.

FOFOP, Episode #76 - Mirren Gosling Poppins

Listen Mirren Gosling Poppins

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I Think We’ve Talked About This Before 3: With A Vengeance


T-Bagger Justin Hobson continues his gritty reboot of the early episodes of TOFOP. This is the "best-of" episodes 21-30 and may contain multi-fuctional holes, a vortex, Fabio at the gym, bridges with benefits, controlling birds, pimping bogs, glases, conspiradiddies, bait buses and the first appearance of Guest Charlie Number One.