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No Sher, Sh*tlock

FOFOP Episode #139

Wil and Justin Hamilton discuss disturbing visions of the future, I can't believe it's not Butty, Ped-filing, Hammo Time, Why Australia has no worries mate, The Amazing Racer and pitch a gritty reboot of Quantum Leap.

FOFOP, Episode #139 - No Sher, Sh*tlock

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Let’s Get Back To Nuts

FOFOP Episode #140

Wil is joined by Daniel Sloss to discuss how mussels are the pistachios of the sea, why we wouldn't kill Baby Hitler, Nun tribes, nut rankings, bad gigs and long lives, The Naked Thief, Diff'rent Strokes for diff'rent folks, and launch Daniel's autobiography I'll Get Around To It, Shut Up.