Listen The Giant (with Ben McLeay)

The Giant (with Ben McLeay)

FOFOP Episode #412

Charlie calls in Ben McLeay to ask some big questions about a mysterious giant and a missing Tik Tok star.

FOFOP, Episode #412 - The Giant (with Ben McLeay)

Listen The Giant (with Ben McLeay)

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The Gospel According To Fascinator (with Johnny Mackay)

FOFOP Episode #413

The music biz — from satanic backward messages to joking about working with the people who worked on remixing The Beatles. Charlie digs into it from all sides with Children Collide frontman Johnny Mackay, who now also goes under the moniker, Lord Fascinator. The musician explains why he's had over 100 members in his band, the future of writing music with AI, and how he actually ended up working with the people who remixed The Beatles.