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The Line Crossers

FOFOP Episode #125

Wil is joined by Dave Anthony to discuss what to get America for its birthday, how to spot you're not the most important member of your improv group, Ian Ziering: Furniture Removals, why you should always mind your platypus duck Bill, why the Mob should run the US, taking a tank to Target and doing legal things legally.

FOFOP, Episode #125 - The Line Crossers

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FOFOP Episode #126

Wil is joined by Sam Simmons discuss depressing duets, the kissing disease, art on the roids, the battle between coffee and cheese, 50 Cent versus 99 cents, United States Of Australia, eating Italian in Mexico, accidentally ending your career, which Gwyneth you want to be, fighting for the right to urinate in your own mouth and getting frostbites from crabs, (or maybe I have that the wrong way around).