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Auld Lang Batsign

TOFOP Episode #127

Wil and Charlie tried... they really, really tried to carve out enough time to record a new episode this week. This did not happen. Fortunately, MicH.A.L. was able to engage his quantum processors, travel back in time, and gather up some clips for your enjoyment. Hopefully he didn't tear a hole in the fabric of spacetime in doing so... Donald Trump might be the new American President you say? Uh oh...

TOFOP, Episode #127 - Auld Lang Batsign

Listen Auld Lang Batsign

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TOFOP Episode #128

We know, we know... another clip show. These clips are really old though, so it's less likely that you'll remember them. We promise to try to record some new episodes that will eventually become old episodes as soon as Wil gets his pants back and gets home. Just listen, all of that will make sense in a minute.