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TOFOP Episode #491

Charlie and Wil catch up on the mailbag that includes comments and requests by listeners from around the world. Come with us as we relive the time Wil gave a Prime Minister the bird, discover which host is a water aficionado, and a lyric breakdown of ABBA's 'Money Money Money'.

TOFOP, Episode #491 - Offline Buzz

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Stoned Cold Wil Anderson

TOFOP Episode #493

Charlie and Wil ride high on the success of the TOFOP live events in Melbourne. Despite a covid scare, nerves, and a bumpy plane trip, the pair got the job done — Sydney, it's your turn next. Don't miss out. ALSO: Does Taylor Swift travel around in a suitcase? More importantly, should be travelling around in a pram? PRAMSPORT is back, Wil is on board, and we're looking for pram-fluencers!