Listen I’m Not Al Pacino (with Chris Taylor)

I’m Not Al Pacino (with Chris Taylor)

TOFOP Episode #452

Charlie's joined by Chaser alumni and broadcaster, Chris Taylor. They're together to chat about Chris' new podcast Birth, Baby & Beyond but the conversation goes down a rabbit hole around faith and religion. The pair share anecdotes about their run-ins with Scientology and the nature of faith. The topic of spirituality inevitably leads to death which organically segues to birth and — the reason Chris is here today — to discuss his podcast for new parents, Birth, Baby & Beyond. Listen to Birth, Baby & Beyond podcast: 

TOFOP, Episode #452 - I’m Not Al Pacino (with Chris Taylor)

Listen I’m Not Al Pacino (with Chris Taylor)

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2 Guys 1 Urn: Iddy Biddy Hitty Committee (with Charlie Clausen)

TOFOP Episode #453

With help from a blue dog and some riveting test matches, Charlie Clausen wakes up from a 25-year cricket coma. He joins Wil to discover advancements in the game including review systems, stump mics, and New Balance sponsorship deals. Once Charlie's up to speed the pair recap the second Ashes test at Lords, and boy was it a doozy. Controversy, drama, and the 'spirit of the game' come into play, in a contest that could have gone either way. What matters though, is that Australia won and England can eat shit.