Listen Do Your Eyes Grow?

Do Your Eyes Grow?

TOFOP Episode #469

The boys are back in town and coming in HOT with the true story of a canceled FOFOP episode. The full ep will be available soon, once we find it. Plus, Charlie gets glasses and it prompts a question about when/if our eyes continue to grow. Ryan Reynolds is cited. One of the hosts then shares their review of the new Barbie movie which sparks a top 10 countdown of the highest-grossing comedy movies of the past decade. Ryan Reynolds is cited again.

TOFOP, Episode #469 - Do Your Eyes Grow?

Listen Do Your Eyes Grow?

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The Biggest Stories In All Of Norway 4: Homemade Bungee

TOFOP Episode #470

In the final instalment, our resident teenage Norwegian takes us inside a Princess' 19th birthday party. Wil and Charlie try and invite themselves to a future gathering (not in a creepy way) but Elias isn't buying it. We then hear about a misadventure on a hunting trip. And if human slingshots aren't your thing then maybe you could try the homemade bungee? It's just another day in the wild world of our guitar-shredding hero and his extended family.