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Russell’s Brand

TOFOP Episode #448

Charlie gives feedback on some of Wil's TV recommendations including Mrs Davis (Binge) and Jury Duty (Prime). Wil then explains why 'the thrill' has gone out of certain online interactions. Might be because he's a little wiser or just because he's not on social anymore (has he mentioned he's not on social anymore?). Charlie grapples with his own communication issue when a listener writes in to complain about the sins of his youth. All of this somehow leads to why Russell Brand doesn't flush the toilet.

TOFOP, Episode #448 - Russell’s Brand

Listen Russell’s Brand

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Becoming Warnie (with Alex Williams)

TOFOP Episode #450

Alex Williams is well-known to TOFOP listeners as our roving donut correspondent. But when he's not doing that important work, he's the star of the new Shane Warne biopic, 'Warnie'. Alex joins Charlie to describe what went into playing the charismatic athlete, including a body transformation, tapping into Warne's 'core energy', and a fair amount of fake spray tan. The conversation turns to test cricket more broadly, including Charlie's attempts to rediscover the game through the current Ashes series.