Listen Becoming Warnie (with Alex Williams)

Becoming Warnie (with Alex Williams)

TOFOP Episode #450

Alex Williams is well-known to TOFOP listeners as our roving donut correspondent. But when he's not doing that important work, he's the star of the new Shane Warne biopic, 'Warnie'. Alex joins Charlie to describe what went into playing the charismatic athlete, including a body transformation, tapping into Warne's 'core energy', and a fair amount of fake spray tan. The conversation turns to test cricket more broadly, including Charlie's attempts to rediscover the game through the current Ashes series.

TOFOP, Episode #450 - Becoming Warnie (with Alex Williams)

Listen Becoming Warnie (with Alex Williams)

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The Great Reset

TOFOP Episode #451

Hi, it's Mike The Third here. I usually write these little blurbs but I wanted to break the format today to share a personal story. When I was a kid, there was a thing called the Sydney Water Crisis. Basically, some people got sick because the water was dodgy. We were only allowed to drink water that had been boiled. I was a human child and fast access to water was important to me (still is) so naturally, I was like fuck that and drank the water anyway. I got really sick and Mum asked if it was because I drank the water. I lied and said no but she knew I had. Anyway, at some point after the crisis was over, I remember hearing a story about how they'd fixed it. I don't know if this is true or not — and a quick search online didn't reveal anything — but this idea has stuck with me for 20+ years and it's very funny if it's true. My memory is this: the way they fixed the Sydney Water Crisis was by loosening the standards for what they considered acceptable or 'safe' for drinking. This remarkable idea instantly solved the problem. If you're a sharp observer of this podcast you might have noticed a change in how we number these episodes, including a jump from episode '436' to '450'. There is a complex and boring reason why past episode title numbers might not have matched the numbers automatically listed in your app. Just know — we fixed it, and the solution was inspired by Sydney Water.